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Dementia Home Care Service by Home Care Assistance in Dayton, OH

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Dementia Home Care Service by Home Care Assistance in Dayton, OH

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Dementia Home Care Services in Dayton, OH and the Surrounding Areas

Caring for or helping a loved one cope with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia is not a simple task. But we want you to know you are not alone. Millions of seniors and families are affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia, and Home Care Assistance in Dayton is committed to providing first class dementia care to meet your loved one’s and family’s needs during these challenging times.

Safe Dementia Care

Living with dementia is one of the leading causes of disability and it largely increases a senior’s dependency on someone else. Our highly trained caregivers will help your senior remain safe in their own home, surrounded by the comfortable and familiar. Taking greater safety measures means making a few modifications within the home so your loved one will be less likely to trip or fall, become lost or wandering, and even becoming anxious or confused. Furthermore, Home Care Assistance caregivers are bonded and insured and know all of the best practices of dementia care to keep your senior safe.

Dementia care helps your senior live as independently as possible and stay in their own home. Depending on what is best for each senior and their family, care plans can be developed on an hourly basis or on a live-in schedule.

Local Leader in Dementia Home Care Service

With being safe and more independent comes a higher quality of life. At Home Care Assistance, we believe in letting seniors age with dignity, and so it is our goal to help Dayton, OH seniors with dementia feel valued and understood.

Our caregivers keep the mind stimulated which can result in fewer feelings of isolation and loneliness and better physical health. Our dementia care will even help them to enjoy activities outside of the home and increase their social interactions.

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We understand the emotional and physical challenges of caring of a loved one with dementia. Home Care Assistance in Dayton is with your family every step of the way, offering our care and support. Please give our experts a call to schedule your consultation and build a customized dementia care plan together.

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