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Respite Care at Home Care Assistance in Dayton, OH

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Respite Care at Home Care Assistance in Dayton, OH

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Our Comprehensive Respite Care Services Are Available in Dayton, OH and Surrounding Cities

Respite care may not be a new concept in Dayton, OH and, but the way we offer it here at Home Care Assistance is unmatched.

The possibility of having assistance throughout the hospital to home process or in-home care has been around for years, but it’s often overlooked. Many families are caught up in the worry of making sure their senior loved one is comfortable and tending to their medical and social needs. However, what often goes unchecked is one’s own physical and mental wellbeing. That’s where Home Care Assistance and our professionally trained caregivers come in.

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What is Respite Care?

Respite care is defined as temporary assistance to relieve the primary caregiver of their responsibilities, but what we want to emphasize is that we believe in long-term relationships with the whole family. We want to be by your side from the beginning to continue providing your senior with the care they deserve.

Our goal is to make them feel independent while making sure that all of their daily and weekly needs are met, both medically and socially.

The Home Care Assistance Difference

Our respite care is tailored to your family’s individual needs. Do you want someone to come and check on your loved one 2-4 times a week? Take them to the grocery store and pick up their prescriptions? With respite care transportation, we will take them to their doctors’ appointments or even to their favorite activities. They will enjoy the companionship of caregivers as we ensure their safety and enjoyment of living their daily lives.

Respite care is not limited to just transportation, though. We also provide light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, medication reminders and more. These may not seem like complicated tasks, but when you’re trying to maintain these responsibilities in addition to your own, it can become tedious and overwhelming. We pride ourselves in helping you and your loved one with these everyday demands.

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Let our skilled professionals discuss your specific needs and create a comprehensive plan for your senior loved one. From the moment you call, our caregivers will make you feel comfortable and address your family’s immediate needs. Let’s work together to empower your loved one, celebrate their quality of life, and ensure that they live with the dignity they’ve earned throughout their life. Call Home Care Assistance today to speak with a Care Advisor.

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