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Caregiver Testimonials

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Why did you choose to work for Home Care Assistance?

“I chose to work for Home Care Assistance because the office staff was friendly and inviting.”

“I chose to work for Home Care Assistance because they are more involved with the care of the client.”

“I chose to work for Home Care Assistance because I liked the setup of the company, the way that they do things with clients, and the activities that they have for the clients.”

“I chose to work for Home Care Assistance because I liked that they offer a university and culinary classes. They are also flexible.”

What makes Home Care Assistance unique?

“The Home Care Assistance office staff has good orientation and they are very organized and friendly. They are willing to help.”

“My supervisor is very hands on. They came out to see if everything was going well with my client, and they promptly respond to emails.
Of all the home care companies I have worked for, Home Care Assistance is the best. The communication is awesome.”

“I feel like I get along with all of my clients. Whenever I go into someone’s house, they give me a rundown of what is going on so I know what to expect.
Home Care Assistance feels like a family and not a company.”

“Management shows respect for me as an employee by their listening to me and what I bring to the table. I also feel like they would take care of any problems I bring to them; they are very attentive, and open to what we say as employees.”

“I would tell a potential client that Home Care Assistance is very attentive to the individual needs of the client, and that they do their best to match an appropriate caregiver to each client. Home Care Assistance goes above and beyond what the client asks for.”

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