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Our Top 5 Favorite Senior Charities

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Our Top 5 Favorite Senior Charities

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At Home Care Assistance, we place a high priority in getting engaged within our local communities. There is no better way for us to do this than by working with and supporting charities that benefit seniors. We value organizations with strong reputations and trained professionals. If you’re looking for a charity support, read on below as we share our top 5 favorites with you!

Meals on Wheels America

One of America’s most vulnerable groups is our rapidly growing senior population. This group of seniors is at-risk of hunger and isolation and are often stripped of their independence due to the challenges of growing older. Fortunately, Meals on Wheels America has risen to the challenge of delivering meals to this group in need, to ensure they receive the proper nutrition and social interaction they deserve.

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

One of the diseases that affects senior citizens the most is Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. Individuals, families, and caregivers are affected by this all the time, but thankfully, they can rely on the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America for support, education, and various services to help. The AFA also works hard by fundraising for better treatments, more research, and a cure.

Second Wind Dreams

We all have dreams, no matter how young or how old we are. Second Wind Dreams helps to make the dreams of seniors a reality and wants to shed a more positive life on aging. By giving seniors their “second wind” and fulfilling their dream, this organization is changing our perception of aging.

Honor Flight Network

The Honor Flight Network’s mission is to honor our elders who served and sacrificed. Through their vast network, they transport Veteran seniors to Washington D.C. There they are able to visit memorials so they can honor other service members who also sacrificed.

Pets for the Elderly

We all deserve the unconditional love and joy our pets bring us, and seniors are no exception! Pets for the Elderly works to unite seniors with companion animals by saving them from shelters. Seniors are able to prevent loneliness while receiving the affection and love they need from their pet.

To learn more about supporting organizations that benefit seniors, or to request more information about our senior home care services, call Home Care Assistance today and schedule your consultation!

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