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The Ultimate List of Senior Discounts in Dayton, Ohio

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The Ultimate List of Senior Discounts in Dayton, Ohio

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2020 is a great year to save money with discounts for seniors in senior care! Many companies celebrate seniors by offering big savings in food, grocery, retail, prescriptions, and travel. If you are a senior, or you care for a senior, and are looking to do some saving, you’re in luck. Below, we’re sharing some of the top discounts available this year!


Applebee’s: Dine in and take out from Applebee’s is available to seniors 60+ at a 10-15% discount!

Ben & Jerry’s: Seniors ages 60+ can enjoy a frozen treat with an even sweeter 10% discount.

Krispy Kreme: If you prefer donuts, then head to Krispy Kreme. Seniors 50 and up can take 10% off and/or receive a free donut with their coffee purchase.


American Discount Stores: Seniors should go grocery shopping on Mondays at American Discount Stores for 10% off!

Fry’s Food Stores: 10% discounts are applied every Wednesday for seniors ages 55+.

Piggly Wiggly: For 5% off their bill, seniors can shop at Piggly Wiggly stores every Wednesday!


Goodwill: Varying by location, seniors can take 10-20% off their purchases at Goodwill.

Kohl’s: Retail therapy is perfect for seniors each Wednesday at Kohl’s! They can take 10% off.

Salvation Army: A massive 50% savings can be found at Salvation Army for seniors ages 55+, depending on the location.

Walgreens: Walgreens offers seniors 20% savings on their purchases once a month when using the Balanced Care Card.


AARP: Members and their families can save an average of 61% on prescription drugs with the Prescription Discount Card.

CVS: By filling prescriptions, seniors can earn ExtraBuck rewards with CVS’ Extra Care savings program.

Walgreens: Thousands of discounts are offered on prescription drugs to seniors thanks to Walgreens Prescription Savings Club!


American Airlines: Major discounts are given to seniors through American Airlines! Discounts vary at any given time.

Comfort Inn: At Comfort Inn, seniors can take 10% off if they are an AARP member of if they make an advance reservation.

National Parks: With a lifetime pass offered at just $80.00 to seniors, getting outdoors at over 2,000 recreational sites nationwide is easy!

You can view a complete list of seniors discounts here at The Senior List.

To learn more about available discounts and all things senior care in the Dayton area, call our experts at Home Care Assistance today!

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